we believe achieving
requires a collective
planetary consciousness.

Our climate and energy challenge requires a population that understands the close and delicate connections between macro and micro scales; from the solar system down to cellular and molecular structures.

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energy awareness

The energyacademy is a project that explores the use of mixed reality and immersive experiences for users to learn the most fundamental concepts and connections in safeguarding planet Earth.

holistic curricula
The sun-to-planet energy flow, a human changed climate, photosynthesis, carbon sequestration and renewable energy sources are part of its core curricula.

building an unconventional classroom. together.
We wish to transcend the regular classroom course into visually stunning journeys where natural resources are studies from the big perspective. This massive undertaking can only be done by tapping the power of the collective crowd.


To empower individuals and communities to re-envision the global energy system, to generate planetary consciousness and foster higher awareness in our delicate relationship to Earth.


Provide an open and globally collaborative space dedicated to achieve a shared vision promoting planetary sustainability.



Multiple forms under one roof

as a project, we work to make the energyacademy ...

an experience: imagine
a game: play
a class: learn
a workplace: create
an energy & carbon wiki: curate
a community: connect
an operating manual: apply

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science framework

solar exergy flux values and concept are derived and inspired from  Stanford's GCEP Exerxy Flux Sankey Charts

solar exergy flux values and concept are derived and inspired from Stanford's GCEP Exerxy Flux Sankey Charts

circular curricula & procedural content


project timeline



How can I experience the energy academy?
The project has not been published yet, it is still in a proof-of-concept phase. We expect to publish a beta version to the public on February 2019. Contact us if you want to participate in user-testing.

How can I contribute to the development of the project?
At this moment, the only way to contribute is to contact us directly and tell us how you think you can contribute. We are working on setting up a developer platform for streamlined collaboration, and a direct format for donations with digital or fiat currencies.

How will the content be curated to ensure scientific rigor?
We work towards allowing the content to be 'peer-reviewed' in the same way science has always operated. Citations and references will act as metadata, accessible to both users, developers, and curators, and mapped with literature network diagrams.

How much will it cost to play / engage in the experience?
We believe the access to it should be free and open to all. However, we expect to define a social business model that allows both funding the development and keeping it free.

How much will the development cost?
This needs to be divided in: the core platform, and the content loaded into it. Similar to wikipedia, the cost or value of crowd-sourced content is virtually futile to measure. Since the platform is also open-source, a similar concept applies. We are sizing the first phase of development to measure the minimum required capital cost and fundraising needed.

How does the energyacademy use blockchain technology?
We are developing a model to issue ERC721 tokens for all 'Unique Registered User Accounts,' which will provide functionality on content development and usage. Development is also structured by unique spaces (eg. GIS) and dimensions within it. However, we don't wish to produce an economy of scarcity; like solar energy, an economy of abundance is what we wish to foster.

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resident team

Martin E. Wainstein  |  Winter WIlloughby-Spera  |  Bobby Berry

friends & partners

Yale CITY openlab  |  Yale CCAM  |  IR Architectura  |  Phoria  |  Alfredo Cattan